In fact, the amount of work written proves both experience and professionalism. Data and statistics confirm all possible assumptions – you have the unique opportunity to use the services of the Author Spectator – one of the few authors available on the market at the moment. Specialist in all sorts of cases – it happens to forget a lecture yesterday, a speech is lost on the way, the hearing is missing part or part of the idea is missing for the hearing. Help in writing scientific papers is a specialized service for such advanced projects as textbooks, dissertations, and extremely important projects that must be carried out professionally and in secret from the world.

Writing on order

The existence of a work is the basis for benefiting from it. The whole cooperation has a “top secret” clause. Everything is covered by the highest confidentiality, and the virtual creative space (Creative Space) builds a bridge between the Author and the Spirit, after which other trophies are transported. For the Spirit, the most important is the satisfaction and contentment of the author, for the author – an innovative scientific or unscientific work fulfilling certain functions and benefits.

Biographies, novels, dramas, scientific books ….

An individualized offer, secured with the latest technology, at the base of which lies the block chain. Cooperation between the Author and the Spirit in a specially designed blockchain space. Professionally, discreetly, maintaining the highest quality and the best standards.


Scientific publications, specialist and fiction, historical fiction, sci-fi as well as thrillers and dramas.

This short-term offer is available only for a limited time. One of the best Polish ghost writers in the world, hiding under this e-mail, decided to support the education system by helping the Chosen. Entering the world of international ghostwriting, you are moving into a virtual space in which the Spirit materializes your needs.

Ghost Writing – it’s safety, confidence, peace and comfort, ensured by experience and innovation. Dear reader, if you are on this site and are looking for a ghost writer, we have the opportunity to meet your project in a virtual environment and turn your idea into a scientific or literary work. Every written work is a work – regardless of whether it will be a specialist scientific publication, novel, drama, dissertation, summary, article, lecture, essay, sketch … yet another form.

Each of the categories of works can be divided into sub-categories. A scientific work may be intended for competition, grant or other benefits. The transfer of property rights is the transfer of all benefits and design of the work in a way that brings benefits and satisfaction.

Scientific ghostwriting

it is possible to obtain support in the following areas:

  • self-reports and papers
  • specialized field and interdisciplinary publications
  • preparation of academic and specialist textbooks as well as school textbooks
  • preparation of scientific and specialist articles
  • dissertation materials
  • finalization of habilitation ducts

Literary Ghostwriting

it’s professional preparation of materials such as novels, collections of poems, stories, dramatic pieces, fairy tales or fairy tales.

Scientific and literary ghostwriting is a comprehensive help in the preparation of the highest quality materials. Over 15 years of international experience and a wide range of ghostwriter specialties guarantee satisfaction and satisfaction even with “express” delivery dates.

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Our specialization is doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations as well as scientific articles scored. We offer specialist and interdisciplinary assistance, necessary to complete all stages of scientific and research work.

Writing diploma theses, doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations, self-reviews, scientific articles

The scope of the ghostwriter specialization is very wide. The offer focuses on the humanities, economics and legal domains, including professional statistical analyzes and outdoor surveys. The scope of research methods extends from the simplest methods known in the pedagogical sciences, such as experiment, observation, diagnostic survey, to advanced solutions in the style of comparative analyzes supplemented by generated indicators.

Help in writing master’s theses

The offer of writing master’s thesis focuses on the following areas:

Humanities, including:

  • Polish philology;
  • tourism;
  • cultural studies;
  • philosophy;
  • religious studies;
  • sociology;
  • education;
  • others.

Economic and mathematical sciences, including:

  • economy;
  • econometrics;
  • statistics;
  • descriptive statistics;
  • logic;
  • logical analysis;
  • cryptanalysis;
  • cryptography;
  • mathematical encryption;

Legal sciences, including:

  • right;
  • international law;
  • specialized national law (e.g. American, British, Chinese, etc.);
  • specialized field law (criminalistics, civil studies, etc.);
  • other;

A virtual space with an interdisciplinary character – if you are looking for scientific or literary support, you know what it means. This is a secure and encrypted channel in which conversations and files are sent. The moment of transfer of the finished project to the Author’s address is also the moment when the author is granted the GA authorization to manage the channel. From that moment, the data can be deleted or archived – everything will happen to them, which the Author will do, the Spirit serves the next stage with a smile and a good word.