Writing a master’s thesis

Writing a master’s thesis is an act that is relatively simple despite appearances. The main idea is to stick to certain guidelines. In most cases, a standard draft outline for a master’s thesis resembles a draft for a doctorate or engineering work. Its basis is the subject, and the following components are supplemented:

I The rationale for choosing the topic and the purpose of the work

The goals of the work are usually divided into theoretical and practical. Realization of theoretical goals is most often possible thanks to the critical analysis of the literature on the subject. On the other hand, practical methods are such methods as a diagnostic survey (interview, questionnaire) or analysis of the contents of corporate and other binding documents.

The rationale for choosing a topic is to present and discuss key issues in the field. Therefore, if we deal with the problem of mental illness in women aged 21-29, one of the important arguments that should be included on the list is the overall mental situation of women in this age group, increasing difficulties in combining work and private life and lack of appropriate development opportunities . The economic, social and economic conditions for the development of certain threats or diseases play an extremely important role in the analysis of the impact factors.

II Material and Methods

Since we already know that the best and most frequently used method supporting the implementation of the theoretical goals is the analysis of documents, the applied method of work is just good. It is often supplemented by a diagnostic survey that allows you to get to know the opinion of a representative group on the subject we are interested in. As part of the survey, for example, an interview or a survey is distinguished – the interview gives qualitative information, a quantitative survey. It is much more difficult to conduct 60 interviews than 60 questionnaires, and the scope of information, even if the general level is similar, is much broader using the interview questionnaire.

III Literature / Bibliography

Sometimes a supervisor or university requires a census of literature at the beginning of writing a thesis. However, it is good to arrange that the list of literature being prepared is only a starting list, which will be expanded during the writing of the work. Writing allows you to reach materials that we often had no idea about.